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Our Process

We love the convenience of electronic communication, but there’s nothing like sitting down with a client face-to-face – and that’s the way we meet with each one. There’s just no other way to see and hear the unique aspirations and visions each individual has for their home.

Following an initial blue-sky conversation with the client, we go back to the office, roll our sleeves up and put pencil to paper to begin the custom design. Throughout a series of design meetings, we flesh out the bones of that initial design, and look into the unique attributes of the home site.

Finally, we create the construction documents that will give shape to the project. Seeing the dream on paper is an exciting moment for clients. We love being there for the light bulb moment when they realize, “This is really going to happen!”

Our design process is simple: the client’s vision is our inspiration. That kind of partnership is bound for success.