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Our Services

At RDS, we’re bilingual: fluent in “client,” as well as “builder.”

The construction documents and plans we prepare are in a format and level of detail that builders require – and that clients can understand.

This means construction can move ahead rapidly with a common understanding of the details. Homebuilding is never stress-free, but that’s always our goal!

We work directly with homeowners, builders, and remodelers in several ways:

Custom Home Design:  unique, one-of-a-kind home designs in any size and shape, from cozy and quaint to spacious and luxurious.

Renovation, Remodeling and Additions: From remodeling a half-bath to renovating an entire home and everything in between, we’ve worked with clients on custom solutions that are just right.

Revisions to Internet Plans: Sometimes clients find plans online that look great. Almost always, they need some tweaking to be just right. That’s where we come in. We work with the client to make sure modifications to the plans reflect their desires and meet local construction codes and requirements.

Pre-Designed Home Plan Library: Many times, clients come to us and don’t know where to start. We help them form initial ideas with our large collection of pre-designed home plans. All are ready-to-build, and can be customized to reflect each client’s special touches.

Portfolio Builder Programs: Offering base plan maintenance, lot release programs, refreshing of existing plans/elevations and new model design, we have the experience and ability to assist clients in responding to the market quickly with unique, superior and cost-effective designs.