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Are You Being Asked About These Trends?

At RDS, Residential Designed Solutions, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the trends so when our clients come in with ideas that are trending or need our help to create what they can’t verbalize, we’ve got the answers. There are many trends out there, and three that were popular last year are still popular for this year. As a builder, you may be asked to incorporate these designs into the homes you’re building. Even though these are trending, they are timeless, so incorporating them will keep the home current, yet enduring.

Indoor/Outdoor Convergence:

•Indoor/outdoor convergence brings outdoor living areas in, and the indoor living areas spill outside by creating a fluid separation between spaces.
•Retractable glass walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, walls or doors, and doors that are stackable accomplish the indoor/outdoor transition.
•Connecting sunrooms, pool areas, patios, or outdoor kitchens with the indoor great room, dining room, or kitchen, makes them appear to be one large open space.
•Outdoor living space has become as important as indoor living space; so connecting the two seamlessly is crucial. The need for areas to relax and entertain has become a necessary design feature.

Board and Batten:

• Board and batten paneling alternates wide boards and narrow battens (wooden strips) and using it either vertically or horizontally adds depth and interest to walls, especially in entryways.
• Formally relegated to the exterior of a home, it has now emerged as an interior trend.
• Varying the width of the boards creates a customized look and feel.
• Using board and batten creates a playful, rustic, yet contemporary design.

Mid-Century Modern:

• The goal of mid-century modern design to make what is old, new, and what is new, old, using clean lines, large windows, open spaces that integrate nature, and flat planes
• Windows, trim, types of materials, changes in elevation inside and out, exterior design, walls, and interior design can all be altered to create this look.
• The mid-century modern design has simple contemporary elements, so as a builder you have the option of taking an older home and renovating it or designing a new home from the ground up.
• Viewing nature from all areas of the home, gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills as a builder.
• Outdoor living is an integral part of the design, and one that homeowners will expect.

Trends are just that-trends, but these three are timeless, contemporary, and will be here for a long while. We appreciate working side by side with our builders to make these dreams a reality for our clients.

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