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Barns and Outbuildings


Barns and outbuildings date back as far as man has needed storage for animals and equipment. But they do not have to be utilitarian only. Barns and outbuildings can be an interesting part of your home design. Is your design idea utilitarian or beyond the ordinary? Depending on your needs, a barn or outbuilding might just be what you need to complete your home.

Barns in their earliest design were used for solving problems for farmers. Early barns were needed for:

  •  Animal shelter
  • Storage of crops and materials
  • A place to build furniture and other items
  • House machinery
  • Used as a place to hold social functions

Today many “old barns” have converted into houses with a lot of hard work and ingenuity. A typical barn has the footprint needed to be reimagined as a house.

Outbuildings are any structure that is separate from a main house. Outbuildings can provide comfort, elegance, fun, and storage. It is usually smaller than a barn and serves specific functions, such as a:

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Gazebo
  • Carriage house or guest house
  • Pool house
  • Studio or office

Depending on your needs, an outbuilding or barn might be an important addition to your design plan. Do you have a big family? Animals? A pool? A need for an office or just a place to call your own?

There are many innovative and sustainable options being used to create barns and outbuildings now. Sustainable home plans include:

  • Sustainable material
  • Solar panels
  • Steel
  • Grass roofing

If a barn or outbuilding is in your future and you want to create a design we can help answer your questions! Let our architectural design team work with you to design your dream barn or outbuilding, contact us to learn more!

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  1. Very nice look. What's on the second floor ? or is there one ? What's the framing like inside...traditional or timber?
  2. I am very interested in talking to you about creating a building for me that looks very similar to this. I would like to set up an appointment to meet with you and discuss it.

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