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“Bridging the Generational Divide” Project

rds_blog_-minister-kitchenHaving raised their children in this home, our clients had seen an exponential increase in the size of the family through weddings and grandchildren. The common area of their home was divided into several traditional rooms, including kitchen, dining and family rooms. Because of this and their family size, family gatherings had become disjointed, constrained and many times felt divided. Our clients love to cook and entertain, so the design process started in the kitchen with the idea of adding a serving bar. This led to several opportunities to open the space, alleviate congestion and enable the family to gather all at the same time.

Project Scope:
Complete a renovation of the kitchen:

  • Install new appliances and custom cabinetry
  • Open family room to kitchen by removing wall
  • Design and install custom serving bar

Convert three separate rooms into a single living space
Create an area large enough to enable the entire family to dine together
Maintain the character of the existing home while updating
Install new wood flooring throughout the living area and entryway
Design and install custom built-ins and mantel at fireplace, along with an adjacent TV cabinet

Challenges and Solutions:
Maintaining the family room beamed ceiling:

  • Adjusted pattern and duplicated to expand into adjacent areas
  • Adjusted finish on sealed and unsealed beams to match
  • Created custom timbered dowels to match existing ones

Lighting the serving bar without dropped fixtures:

  • Carefully mortised new can lights and wiring into the new “beam”

Eliminating traffic flow bottlenecks in several areas within the existing layout:

  • Increased width of opening from foyer to family living and kitchen
  • Relocated door to basement stairwell out of primary walkway
  • Reworked mechanicals in stair wall to accommodate new kitchen plan

Previous structural changes did not meet current codes:

  • Added custom structural supports and joist hangers
  • Added 4” fixed length steel column to support load
  • Grouted masonry block wall in basement to support column load

Uneven floors between 1980’s addition and existing house:

  • Leveled the subfloor


  • Encased structural beam with rough sawn lumber to disguise it as an existing beam
  • Concealed electrical chase inside structural column to carry second floor wiring, security and phone lines
  • Installed touchless sink faucet
  • Increased kitchen size by capturing previously unused space behind existing refrigerator and oven

Architectural Elements:

  • Serving bar designed as a transition between kitchen and family living
  • New beams and timbered dowels to match existing
  • Custom cabinets, built-ins and mantel
  • Flush wood floor registers fabricated
  • Stone cover plates that match kitchen backsplash
  • Glass tile accent strip in kitchen backsplash
  • New doors and casing matched to existing house
  • Crown molding added to update ceiling trim

From our client’s vision to reality, we were delighted to exceed their expectations. They have been enjoying the comforts of their newly renovated home, as they share it with family and friends.

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