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Changing The Exterior of Your Home-What Should You Think About?

RDS_blog_exterior-updatingIf you’re considering updating your home there are several things to consider. First is the cost, how much should you invest and what will the return be on that investment? Second is to determine what to add, subtract or freshen up; you want it to look different or better, but have no clue where to begin.

The first thing to consider is looking at some basic clean up items that can be achieved with minimal effort and little cost.

  •  Clean windows and gutters
  •  Pressure wash walkways
  •  Edge sidewalks
  •  Get the lawn looking great
  •  Trim trees and shrubs
  •  Plant some colorful annuals and lay fresh mulch
  •  Clean out the garage
  •  Make sure the driveway is in good shape
  •  Paint the siding and/or trim in a bolder color

If you want to do something to give the house more curb appeal or to help it sell quickly at the highest possible price, here are some ideas that you will need the assistance of a professional to complete. The good news is that the average return on home-improvements projects was 6.7% higher than a year ago, based on the 2016 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Survey. This sure beats the inflation rate of 1.4%.

  • Refinish, repaint or replace the front door and add new or refinished hardware
  • Replace the roofing
  • Get rid of the old aluminum or brittle vinyl and replace it with one of the new fiber cement or man made products
  • Replace old windows with new energy efficient ones
  • Add shutters to the home

Major additions such as porches are dramatic game changers. Not only do they add appeal and resale value, but they also provide additional exterior living space. Always check with local zoning to be sure what can be approved.

More substantial renovations will be specific to the design and style of your home. It’s possible to add roof dormers and cupolas or even change roof lines completely to make dramatic changes to your home.

Now is the time to get started. Use these ideas to start a conversation with our designers. We’d love to help you create the new look you want for your home.

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