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Design Don’ts…Could These Design Changes Lower the Home’s Value?

As a contractor or remodeler are you constantly bombarded with questions or requests that are tied to HGTV? Are you tired of hearing “Well on The Property Brothers they did “this” for the (bedroom, bathroom, garage, exterior) remodel? Can’t I do that?”

Here are some key tips we have found help clients understand that doing some of these projects might be a mistake when doing home design changes.

Getting Rid of Bedrooms:
If your clients want to repurpose a bedroom in order to create a larger owners suite, or a bathroom or closet, help them understand this may not always be a good idea. Why? In many cases, the more bedrooms a home has, the higher the sale price. Once you eliminate a bedroom, you change the comparable value of that home for the neighborhood. Having fewer bedrooms could draw fewer potential buyers should your clients need to sell. Even having smaller bedrooms adds value, since most people want their kids to have their own rooms. Help your clients find ways to make small rooms appear larger with storage solutions, minor design changes, and paint color. The same goes for closets-don’t ever remove them. Adding on to the home might be a better option, adding more usable space without sacrificing bedrooms. Or is there another area of the home that can become a bathroom or office? Knowing your clients long-term goals for the home can dictate what you do. If the client is going to live there as they age, then they may not care about what a future buyer would want, but some of your clients will sell sooner than they think.

Your clients want their home to reflect their very personal tastes, but some restraint might be needed, depending on where the home is located. Customizing the space might actually work against your clients should they need to sell. A bathroom that is very extravagant or a kitchen that is ultra-high end with customized upgrades might price the home right out of the comparables in a neighborhood. Changing the exterior in a way that it doesn’t fit the vibe of the neighborhood could have the same effect.

Garage Redo’s
Repurposing a garage into a living space isn’t usually a smart idea unless there is room to build a new garage on the lot. Your clients might be envisioning the space as a man cave or gym, but most people prefer to keep their cars covered and have storage space. Most buyers see a garage as an important, necessary space. If your clients insist on transforming it, do it in such a way that it can be converted back to a garage. Leave the garage door in place, and don’t section off the interior space of the garage in a way that it can’t be easily removed.

At RDS, our designers work with contractors and clients daily by listening, guiding and creating the best designs possible for our clients. Your clients are going to want you to help them build or remodel their home so it reflects their interests, tastes, and wishes, and of course it is your job to make that happen. Their personal enjoyment of the home is one reason they are working with your team. It is also our job to help them understand that decisions they make now could impact the future sale of their home.




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