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English Arts and Crafts Style


RDS designers have been sharing many types of homes with you and the English Arts and Crafts house rounds out this series. The Arts and Craft design began in Britain in the late 1800s. William Morris, a poet, social reformer, and artist was influential in this movement, as was John Ruskin, an English designer. The basis of it was hand craftsmanship and good design in all aspects of the home and its furnishings. It was a call to return to skilled craftsmanship and a move away from the mass production of goods. A group was formed in England, called the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, and they were instrumental in developing artists and craftsmen. The movement migrated to America, and was influenced by Gustav Stickley, a furniture manufacturer in New York. He urged the building of homes and furniture by hand with local materials, and provided plans and furniture for purchase through his catalog. Frank Lloyd Wright was also instrumental here in the U.S. This movement led to the popularity on the west coast of what we now call Craftsman style homes (see our earlier post on this style).

The Arts and Craft Movement Means:

  • Functional simple designs
  • Handcrafted objects, such as “craftsman” and “mission” furniture, pottery, jewelry, textiles, and metalwork
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Well designed objects
  • Minimal decoration
  • Not mass produced

Architecture of Arts and Crafts:

  • Buildings blend with the landscape, usually with rock foundations
  • Made with local materials
  • Simple Craftsman and Bungalow style homes
  • Frank Lloyd Wright styled homes with a central chimney, overhanging roofs, horizontal roofs, and built in furniture
  • Exposed beams and rafters
  • Large porches
  • Natural finishes on wood trim
  • Cabinets, window seats, and shelves that are built in
  • Earth tones and colors
  • Dormer windows

These homes are beautiful in their simplicity. RDS, residential design specialists, would love the opportunity to help you design a home like this or any other type of home you are thinking about building or remodeling.


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