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Georgian Style


We hope you have been enjoying the home styles we have profiled so far; our discussion this week focuses on Georgian Style Architecture. Stately and symmetrical, these homes imitated the larger, more elaborate homes which were being built in England during the reign of the four King George's, hence the name. Classic in appearance, it looks simple to achieve but getting the correct massing, proportion and detail is what separates authentic from "builder colonial".

Why is it so popular?
Because this style is rectangular it is simple to understand. Many housing styles don't have hard and fast rules but Georgian does and that makes it easy for most to understand. Draw a vertical line through the center of the front door and each side of the main house mass should be a square. Take that same line to grade at the front door and connect a line from there to the outermost eave on the main house, rotate that dimension vertical and that is the peak of the main house roof.

In addition to these simple making details there are many others that refine the entry, windows and the brick detailing. Essentially, the style offers formality, large, tall windows letting in lots of light; plenty of curb appeal; elegance and simplicity of design; and, internally, tall ceiling heights and a sense of openness.

Key Features to Georgia Style

  • Rectangular in plan and symmetrical
  • Paneled front door(s) generally at center
  • Decorative crown over front door, or brick detailing
  • Uses round Tuscan style columns and pilasters commonly for porches
  • Three, five or seven windows across front
  • Paired chimneys for southern versions, center chimneys in the north
  • Medium pitched roof
  • Four course jack arches over windows and doors in brick buildings
  • Minimal roof overhang but with crown and detailing
  • Nine or twelve small window panes in each window sash
  • Dentil molding (square, tooth-like cuts) along the eaves

You may find some, or all, of the features above in a Georgian Style home. If you are not sure if this is a style of house you want to design we can help answer your questions! Let our design team work with you to design your dream home, contact us to learn more!


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