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Is Your Ranch Home Dated In Its Appearance?


Many ranches were designed and built during the 50s and 60s, and many of us are living in them today. In a lot of neighborhoods, these are the dominant style of homes available to purchase and remodel. But don’t let the exterior or interior deter you from having your dream home. There are improvements you can make. RDS is a leader in re-inventing your home and with our design expertise we can develop plans for your home remodeling that will meet and exceed your expectations, but remain within your budget.

Massing Changes

Some of our clients would prefer more of a sense of “entry or specific style” with their ranch homes. To achieve this we break up and balance the horizontal lines of the house by making a “massing change.” Often this change involves adding an overlay roof to create a cross gable and an entry feature. Many times, adding this roof allows us to change the house from a generic ranch into a Craftsman or Country European style home creating the identity of our client’s desire.

Celebrating Mid Century Modern

For many other people, the ranch home embodies the Mid Century Modern aesthetic and they do not want a massing change, but they do want to open up the floor plan to embrace today’s lifestyle. While many ranches were built during that time period, they often were a series of little rooms as was the lifestyle of the time. Our clients often ask us to reprogram the floor plan to enlarge bedrooms and baths and open kitchens to living spaces, which can easily be accomplished.

So what kind of massing changes can you make to your ranch?

  • Add a gable to a garage or above the front door
  • Create a new entry porch
  • Use 2 gables to create a unifying ridge line at the front or back of the house
  • Add false dormers or roof vents to break up the roof mass
  • Add windows and doors to engage the interior with outdoor living spaces
  • Combine bedrooms to accomplish more closet and bath space
  • Remove interior walls to open the kitchen and dining to the living spaces
  • Add a second floor-yes, very radical, but entirely possible when the location is perfect

RDS can help you re-invent your ranch style home with our home design. We are here to help with your remodeling ideas to create a new exterior or interior for your home.

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