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Italianate Homes


Many of us would like to travel to Italy to experience the culture and view the architecture. At RDS, we can bring a little of Italy to you by designing or renovating your house in the Italianate style. We understand that you have dreams for your home, and we work hard to be able to make those dreams come true through our home designs.

A Brief History

This style was most popular here in the United States from the mid to late 1800s, after homes in this style had been built in England in the 1840s. Homes had been fairly formal up until this time period in England, and as the picturesque movement began builders started to replicate the style of the Italian Renaissance villas. When this movement came to the U.S. many wealthy homeowners and sea captains built these type of homes. Since few architects traveled to Italy, their inspiration for designing homes came mainly from pictures they saw. Consequently, the houses designed here took on a style unique to the American style at the time.

Key Elements of an Italianate home

Italianate homes have their roots in Italy’s rustic farmhouses and have, over the years, been anything from simple row or town houses to ornate mansions. Italianate homes have many key elements that set them apart.

  • Usually rectangular in shape and 2 or 3 stories tall
  • Sloping low-pitched roofs with overhanging wide eaves, which appear to be supported with decorative brackets, and a cupola on top to give the house an Italian feel
  • Front doors that are either paired or single and have large panes of glass inset in the door
  • Extensive ornamentation on cornices, porches, trim work, and doorways
  • Arched, tall, narrow curved, thickly framed windows
  • Usually made of brick and wood clapboard, stone or stucco

So if you want to bring a bit of Italy to your home using any or all of these features, contact us at RDS, your Columbus area design architect. We would love to work with you to design your Italian dream home.








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