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Jim’s Tips of the Trade…How To Protect Your Work

RDS_blog_protect-your-ideasIt’s happened to all of us at one time or another, that “quick” thumbnail sketch you spent several hours developing for a potential client walked down the street to your competitor. What do you need to change so this doesn’t happen to you the next time?

Two easy steps can be taken to protect your work. First, make sure your logo and contact information are on all sheets. Second, add a simple line to the plan someplace where it can’t be removed with whiteout tape (such as the middle of the plan) that says “Copyright 2016, Best Builders, LLC”.

Every house or remodel we design or complete construction documents for will have not only our logo and copyright, but also your logo and contact information. We like to have these in color so that when PDF files are sent to your clients and your tradespeople your logo stands out smartly on a black and white screen. We even print half size sets at 11x17 with your color logo for you to use.

This may not completely prevent your work from travelling but it puts your potential clients and the next builder on notice that it is copyrighted work and cannot be copied or used without permission. Look at this as an inexpensive marketing opportunity wrapped in a little self protection!

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