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Kitchen Countertops: What You Need to Know

When you are building a home or remodeling an existing home, you have so much to think about when selecting design options. One of the biggest and most visible are your kitchen countertops! There are so many incredible options available. The trends are always evolving, yet some continue to hold their value, charm, and appeal.

Recently, at RDS, we launched our Front Porch Friday video series. Our first video focused on kitchen countertops and we’d like to continue the discussion in this blog. What do you need to know about the current trending countertops and what is making its way onto kitchen counters?

Here and Trending:

Every piece is unique and distinct in its appearance
It looks luxurious which makes it a very popular choice
It is resistant to heat, nicks, and normal use
The larger the piece makes it harder to match
If sealed properly and routinely, it is very durable
It is still expensive, but slowly becoming more affordable
A durable prep surface

Engineered Quartz:
A manufactured stone product that is almost maintenance free
Extremely durable making it scratch, heat, stain, and impact resistant
Available in a wide range of colors and styles
Being non-porous means it doesn’t need to be sealed

Butcher Block:
Very appealing as an accent piece
Creates a feeling of warmth
Easy to clean, but must be properly sealed
Sealing properly gives it antimicrobial properties, making it more sanitary for prep
May be damaged by stains and water, but can be sanded and resealed

Up and Coming:

A very durable surface that withstands heat
Appearance is more like granite than manufactured quartz since it is a naturally occurring rock
High-end look
Needs to resealed every year or it can stain

Seeing more and more of it
Natural look is comparable to quartzite and granite, but more subdued in color
Product is very soft, making it susceptible to scratches and stains
Needs constant tender loving care and sealing
Elegant look
Waterproof and heatproof

Not what you find on your basement floor
One of a kind, unusual industrial look
It is versatile, able to cast to your specific size and shape
Tinted to any color, mixed with glass or tile, textured, or polished
While it is porous, it can be sealed
Custom work makes it a bit expensive
Scratch and heat resistant

Whatever you choose, your kitchen will be a reflection of your dreams for the space. Our designers would be happy to meet with you and help you make the perfect choice for your newly designed kitchen. Do you have more questions about countertop products? Konkus Marble & Granite, one of our trusted suppliers, is here to guide you in your search.


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