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Enjoying conversation and a meal with friends and family on a nice summer evening around a warm fire is one of the reasons many of us vacation to far off destinations, but there is no reason to spend money on travel when you can easily enjoy this lifestyle in your own backyard. Your home does not have to stop at your back door; you can easily create an outdoor room to enjoy al fresco living and dining on any budget. It might be winter, but now is a good time to begin planning your outdoor space! Our design team at RDS will help you create the outdoor space that you want. What should you be thinking about in order to make your dream a reality?

Create a Master Plan:

  • Decide where this new living space will go. It should be a natural extension of the family living space if possible and allow you to enjoy any views or natural features found on your property.
  • Make a list of activities the space must accommodate - entertaining, outdoor cooking and dining, playing games, reading.
  • Plan landscaping to define the space. Use planted containers with taller “anchor” plants in the corners, and perhaps a covered roof or pergola structure to define the ceiling. A lattice trellis softened with colorful climbing plants can add privacy.

Options to Think About:

  • Do you want your outdoor space covered? It can be anything from a pergola, arbor, gazebo, or sun awning, to a covered porch.
  • A heat source that everyone can gather around is a central theme for any outdoor space. This can be a full outdoor fireplace that serves as an anchor for the space, a built in fire pit, a portable fire pit, or a chiminea. Consider if you want wood burning, gas, or both.
  • Cooking outside is a must, but what are your needs? The grill can be anything from an amazing built in unit to a portable hibachi. Choose the features that are important to you. Use countertops on your storage and prep space that can withstand the outside elements. Do you need a sink or small refrigerator?
  • Water features can be soothing and create white noise to offset other distracting sounds. These can be permanent features or portable water features that can be placed anywhere.
  • Choose a flooring source that fits your budget and needs. There are many options available.
  • Low voltage lighting is great for landscape accents and walkway lighting.
  • What accessories will complete your space? An exterior flat screen television, heaters, sculptures, fountains, sport courts?

Whatever you choose to tackle, your outdoor room should reflect your tastes and needs. RDS, a leader in outdoor home design, would love to help you start designing your “endless summer” space. Contact us so that our team can begin planning with you.

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