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Why should you remodel or renovate your existing home? At RDS, interior architects, we are asked this daily and we are happy to answer your questions. You love your home or neighborhood, but your house isn’t working for your family any longer, or is very dated, and you think you want to renovate or remodel. Both of these words mean making improvements to an existing home, but the construction needs are a bit different. Renovation means that some part of the home is in disrepair, and needs to restored or repaired to bring the old to new. It can be a simple change or much more noticeable, as in a renovation of a room or the whole home. Remodel means that the structure or form of something in the home is going to be changed. This will improve or transform the existing design or layout of a space.

 Reasons to Renovate or Remodel:

  • Add to the value or use of the home
  • Add space for a growing family
  • Create rooms for a different purpose, such as an office or bonus room
  • Change the flow of a room or the whole house
  • Open up small rooms to create an open floor plan
  • Give the house a facelift to be more modern
  • Add a garage
  • You want to stay in the home or neighborhood
  • You are planning to sell in a few years
  • Make the house more “green” and energy efficient
  • The function of the space doesn’t work, like a kitchen needing more room for cooks, a pantry, or an island
  • Improve the curb appeal of your home

Things to Think About:

  • Budget – Figure out how much are you going to need and then add 10 – 15% more for unforeseen expenses.
  • Research to find the right contractor – Use referrals or word of mouth from your friends.
  • Be realistic with your needs and wants – Make a priority list and then make choices. Separate your “wants” and “needs”. You might need to renovate in stages.
  • Research – Spend time looking at ideas in magazines or online and have a clear set of ideas to bring to the table when you meet with your architect.
  • Get Advice – Talk to friends and family that have gone through renovations. Seek their advice and thoughts about your plans.
  • Check In – Once the process begins, stop by to talk with the contractor and gets problems corrected before they can’t be undone.

A renovation or remodel doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. At RDS, we are here to help you create the renovation or remodel that you are envisioning for your home. Contact us so that our design architects can help you get started on this journey.

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