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Shaker Homes

RDS_blog_cabinetsShaker style homes focus on function and simplicity, but are beautiful in their simplicity and high level of craftsmanship. More of a lifestyle and interior detailing, rather than a housing style, RDS can help you create a house design, based on the Shaker concepts that will fulfill your dreams for a stunning and functional home.

The Shakers were a religious group in England that split from the Quakers during the late 1700s. They migrated to this country and developed the idea of living communally; consequently they didn’t build individual homes, as they lived in dormitory style structures, women and men separately. Their “houses” had clean lines and a simple functional style that was reflected in everything from cabinets to stairways. The Shakers are known for their quality workmanship, using only natural materials and woods, such as butternut, maple, and chestnut to create their products for sale and those for their own uses. Today’s Shaker style can be found primarily in cabinetry and interior detailing. The styling follow the tenants of function, simplicity, beauty, and order.

Key Elements of a Shaker Home:

  • The floor plan should be open, simple, and uncluttered. The focus is on simple lines and durable materials. Lots of windows to let in light is a must.
  • The kitchen is the most used room in the house and should make a statement. Kitchen cabinets usually have unadorned flat panels and fully recessed doors that express simplicity and craftsmanship. They have plenty of storage so that everything has a place. It should have clean functional lines, but don’t be afraid to make it your own! It can be made to look like the early 19th century, but work for today’s lifestyle.
  • Create loads of storage with built-in cabinets and closets throughout the house, use natural wood floors, and plain simple woodwork.
  • Peg rails were featured in most rooms, so incorporate them in laundry rooms, mud rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.
  • Furniture should feature fine hardwoods like maple or cherry.

Shaker styled homes showcase simplicity and the beauty of everyday materials and objects. They make us think of family and a simpler time. This type of design can work in modern homes, homes in the country, or whatever type of home you might be renovating or building. Contact us at RDS, where residential design is our specialty. We would love to design a new home or renovation for you, so contact us and our team can begin the first steps toward your dream home.

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