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RDS_custom_bathroomsAt RDS, we are constantly looking for the newest kitchen design trends to help you shape your dream space. Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms people inquire about the most. One of the biggest questions we get when designing and remodeling is about sinks. What should you be “sinking” your money into?

Sink Options

For years, the only sink options available were stainless steel, porcelain enameled steel, or cast iron and vitreous china. There are many countertop options today, and the crowning jewels for these new materials are the sinks, available in an incredible variety of sizes and shapes.

There are many options available in sinks:

  • Stainless steel with a high nickel content giving them the look of brushed chrome and insulation underneath to deaden sound
  • Sinks that are under-counter mounted so there is no lip to catch debris, making clean up a breeze
  • Enameled cast iron sinks that can be color matched or contrasted with countertops
  • Double bowl or single bowl, farm sinks, or pairing a smaller sink next to a large bowl
  • Sinks that have sharp square corners, soft round ones, or even completely round or oval
  • “D” shaped sinks to fit in corners
  • Many new materials like Composite Granite, Fireclay, Cast Iron, Soapstone, Quartz, Solid Surface, Copper

Island Sinks

Kitchen islands have become the center of the kitchen and have replaced the kitchen table for the gathering of family. No island today is complete without a sink.

These sinks usually have certain characteristics:

  • It is a second smaller sink used for washing of smaller items or prep area for multiple cooks
  • Entertainment sink
  • Trough sinks that are longer and narrow, great for holding ice and beverages
  • Unique finishes from satin brass to hammered copper

Bathroom Sinks

Bathrooms have been evolving into personal retreats, and recently sinks and vanities have become the showpieces. Under counter mounted porcelain sinks are still the most popular and affordable option, but others are gaining in popularity.

Some of the new showpieces are:

  • Vessel sinks inspired by artistic china washbasins, mounted on top of the counter, and available in many materials
  • Wadding pool sinks that are very shallow, mounted on the counter, contemporary, and artistic
  • Pedestal sinks add a sculptural effect

Factors to Consider When Selecting Sinks

  • Budget
  • Practicality-how will it be used? What will need to be washed? Easy or difficult to maintain the finish? How much space is needed?
  • Style-what look do you want?

We, at RDS, would love to help you design or remodel with architectural design that will help you create the look you have been dreaming of.

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