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Storybook Home


Often, we have clients come to us with distinct features they want to include in their design but they don’t understand what type of architecture or style of home they are describing. Over the next several months, we will examine some common and some not so common architecture styles and how they are impacting today’s design.

Ever heard of Storybook Style? 

Most haven’t as its tenure was brief. It appeared in the early 1920’s and disappeared shortly before the great depression. Today we often hear folks refer to it as the “Hansel and Gretel” look to a home. These whimsical homes are usually one or two stories, always asymmetrical and full of playful details that allow you to picture yourself in a fairytale as you enter the home.

Storybook Style homes are rare but their flair and attention to detail make them very impressive.

Key Features to a Storybook Home:

The Arrangement of Windows

The windows are typically tall, narrow, stained glass, leaded or even diamond panels.  Each window is carefully placed in a Storybook style home design to not only allow light in, but to ensure that the theatre and story is brought to life. Many doors and windows are arched or half-round and often have casement windows with heavy muntin bars (grilles). There are many Storybook homes where no two windows are alike.

Facades, Towers and Turrets OH MY!

From entrances to porches, this style may include a tower for princesses and a façade with low-wing walls. Storybook style homes most commonly use shingles and shakes with undulating patterns for roof materials. The turrets of most Storybook homes typically accommodate an exterior porch or an interior foyer or staircase.

Inside Accents

Often thought of as cottages, the interior of Storybook homes typically include the use of wood, iron and stone. Because of the unique placement of windows, the larger windows often have deep sills for sitting. Large chandeliers or theatrical accents are also commonplace inside the home.

We love discussing design and integrating your ideas with our experience. If this sounds like something you would be interested in discussing further, feel free to give us a call. We can help make your fairytale a reality!

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