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The Importance of Landscaping

RDS_landscaping-columbus-ohioYou have a beautiful home that you have built or renovated and it looks amazing. The inside is everything you have been dreaming about, the home’s exterior is perfect, but what about the landscaping around your home? Is it just as important? Is it worth spending the time, energy, and money to make it look as beautiful as your home? We, at RDS, absolutely say yes! It is so important to landscape in order to benefit and highlight the architectural design of your home.

Create Visual Appeal:

• You want the outside to have a great ambiance, even going so far as to giving you a feel of being on vacation even though you are home. People should look at your home and know that this home is well cared for and enjoyed.

• Your yard should feel “livable”, with different landscaped areas.

• It is important to have a variety of plants, including perennials and annuals for pops of color, shade trees, and shrubs.

• Adding great landscaping takes a home from being ordinary to inviting.

• Create different areas, like a walking path, a seating area, a kitchen, or dining area. All of these areas need different kinds of plants and flowers that complement the space.

• You might want a fountain, pond, or outdoor lighting.

• Think about your style; are you informal or formal? This might dictate the direction you go in creating the visual appeal.

Create Curb Appeal:

• According to a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey, curb appeal is important to 71% of homebuyers.

• If creating walkways, follow natural patterns of the yard and home. It might be a straight path, or curving along the drive or home.

• Walk to the street and approach your house from different angles. Where is your eye drawn? Where do you need to hide something? Where do you want an area to stand out? Where do you need height?  Use these ideas to create a plan that will increase the curb appeal.

• Choose plants that fit with the character and size of your home. You don’t want plants that overpower the space or plants that are too small for the planting beds.

• Make your home’s entrance inviting. Do you need to add plants to the front porch? Add a trellis or portico? A bench for people to sit? Lighting to make it easy to navigate? Your front door sets the mood for anyone coming to your home, so make it inviting.

• If it is a Colonial, Federal, Tudor, or another specific style, you might want landscaping that fits your home’s theme. Or you might want it to stand out instead of blending into your home’s design.

• Remember to think about the seasons where you live. You want to create visual and curb appeal for all of the seasons, so try to have plants that have flower and color in different seasons.

• Pots on your porch can have seasonal plantings in them so that there is always something to see, even in winter when you can have branches, evergreen cuttings, and ornaments in the pots.

Landscaping your property is as important as creating a beautiful interior and exterior of your home. RDS designers work hard to make your dreams a reality, and landscaping your home completes the look of your home.

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