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Tuscan Style Homes

RDS_blog_tuscanAt RDS, your stop for home design in Columbus, Ohio, we find that no single style celebrates outdoor living more than Tuscan architecture. Featuring rustic beams and stonework accented with stone patios, iron work, and terra cotta tile as commonly found in the Tuscany region of Italy. The warmer climates of our country have embraced this style for years and it is growing in popularity in our area due to the relaxed elegance it projects.

Key features to a Tuscan Style Home:


  • Earth tones and golden hues
  • Cool color accents such as blues and greens used to balance the warm colors


  • Terracotta tiles or stone with mosaic inlay
  • Rustic or reclaimed wood
  • Antique rugs soften the interior


  • Wrought-iron accessories such as candle sconces and light fixtures
  • Painted ceramic objects and tile
  • Distressed wood finishes in a warm to dark hue
  • Scrollwork designs


  • Rough plaster or rubble stone walls
  • Rustic beamed ceilings
  • Simple but elegant windows that allow the natural light to enter
  • Low towers that can be square, round or octagonal
  • Terracotta tiles on lower sloped roofs
  • Arcaded porches-usually round arches on piers
  • Maximized outdoor living spaces in courtyards or large covered porches

If any or all of these features interest you, contact us, your number one place for architectural designs in Columbus, Ohio, so we can bring your dream of living on the Tuscan hillside to life in the comfort of your own home!

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