Inspiration Sources! #beinspired


Are you ready to make some changes to your home or sell yours and build a new home? Do you know where to find inspiration for new ideas? We love inspiration and are always looking for new sources to help our clients visualize what they have been dreaming about or provide them with ideas when they didn’t know they needed them. Luckily, there is inspiration available everywhere!

2018 BIA Parade of Homes

One of the biggest sources of inspiration is right around the corner. The BIA Parade of Homes is an ultimate source of creativity whether you are looking to find ideas for building a home or just making updates to your own home. Colors, designs, floorplans, use of space, furniture styles, fantastic appliances; you name it and you will see what is new, trending, coming soon, and timeless, classic features. 

When: September 1st-16th, 2018

Where: Eversole Run at Jerome Village. Jerome Village is located in Jerome Township, in the Dublin City School District. Jerome Village is stunning, with 13 neighborhoods and a community center with pool, fitness center, and restaurant. 

What better way to find new ideas than by winding your way through this year’s seven stunning homes? 

This year’s participants are:

·     3 Pillar Homes

·     Arthur Rutenburg Homes

·     Bob Webb Homes

·     Coppertree Homes

·     Manor Homes

·     Memmer Homes 

·     Romanelli & Hughes

For more information about this year’s event, click here.

Our Downloadable Form for the Parade

While you’re visiting each home, why not jot down ideas and floorplans that inspire you? In order to make this easier for you, we’ve created a form for you to download and use at the Parade. Love the lighting, the floorplan, the paint colors, design pieces, outside areas, and more? 

Use this sheet to keep track of everything that you want to think more about and not forget!  Parade Form

More Inspiration

Can’t make it to the Parade this year? Don’t worry!  See what inspires us and what we have designed for our clients. We’d love to meet with you and help your inspirations come alive.

You can visit our:

·      Houzz page

·      Pinterest page

·      Our website

NARI Home Improvement Tour

Another event to remember, and we will share more information with you soon, is the upcoming NARI Home Improvement Tour on September 15th & 16th. (We’re even creating a form for you to use at this event.)

All of us here at RDS love creating designs for new homes and remodeling projects. Call us and let’s get your ideas down on paper, revealing your dreams and turning them into your reality. 






Wood Flooring - What to Choose

9.5RDS_blog_Hardwood-Floors copy.jpg

The choices are endless when you are choosing flooring for your home. One of the most enduring choices is hardwood flooring. At RDS, our designers love the look and feel of hardwood flooring. Its natural beauty can go with any décor or style you choose. Nothing says warmth, family living, sophistication, or comfortable living like hardwood. It is chameleon-like, creating the feel and look you want in any room. 

There are several types of wood flooring available and as we shared in our Front Porch Friday Hardwood Flooring video, determining your needs and wants will help you make the right choice.

Solid Hardwood Flooring:

  • Durable
  • Available in unfinished or pre-finished wood species
  • Available in many wood species – oak, maple, cherry, ash, or walnut
  • Varied plank sizes and finishes 
  • Unfinished is sanded and finished following installation, taking more time to install and finish to your custom stain specifications
  • Pre-finished is sanded and finished at the factory, making for a faster installation
  • Can be sanded and refinished many times
  • It is susceptible to humidity changes

Engineered Hardwood:

  • Complex product consisting of several layers
  • Outermost layer is a hardwood veneer of the desired tree species
  • Inner layers are made of plywood, high-density fiberboard, or a lesser hardwood
  • Can not be sanded and refinished as often as solid hardwood
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • An excellent choice for any room in your home

Laminate Wood Flooring:

  • Created by compressing composite wood
  • An image of hardwood is placed over the composite to form a laminate, replicating the look, grain, and texture of hardwood
  • Easy to install, most just snap together
  • Budget friendly, but we suggest you choose a premium quality product 
  • Not as durable as hardwood or engineered hardwood, but is resistant to stains, scratches, and wear and tear
  • Wood floors are timeless and always a smart choice when building or remodeling your home.

Our designers are well versed in flooring options and will make sure your feet are walking on the best possible floors for you! 


Top Design Trends

14RDS_blog_Top-3-Trends copy.jpeg

At RDS, Residential Designed Solutions, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the trends so when our clients come in with ideas that are trending or need our help to create what they can’t verbalize, we’ve got the answers! There are many trends out there, and three that were popular last year are still popular for this year! The beauty is not only that are they trending, but also they are timeless, so you can’t go wrong incorporating these into your home. 

Indoor/Outdoor Convergence:

  • Indoor/outdoor convergence means making the outdoor living areas come in, and the indoor living areas go out by creating a fluid separation between spaces.
  • Retractable glass walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, walls or doors, and doors that are stackable are ways to accomplish the indoor/outdoor transition.
  • The goal is to connect sunrooms, pool areas, patios, or outdoor kitchens with the indoor great room, dining room, or kitchen, making them appear to be one large open space.
  • Outdoor living space has become as important as indoor living space; so connecting the two seamlessly is crucial. The need for areas to relax and entertain has become a necessary design feature.

Board and Batten:

  • Board and batten is a type of paneling that alternates wide boards and narrow battens (wooden strips).
  • This material used to be relegated to the exterior of a home but has now emerged as an interior trend.
  • Using board and batten either vertically or horizontally adds depth and interest to walls, especially in entryways. 
  • Varying the width of the boards creates a customized look and feel.
  • Using board and batten will create a playful, rustic, yet contemporary design.
  • The battens are usually placed over the seams of the boards. 

Mid-Century Modern:

  • Clean lines, large windows, open spaces that integrate nature, and flat planes are hallmark designs of mid-century modern architecture.
  • The goal of mid-century modern design to make what is old, new, and what is new, old.
  • Windows, trim, types of materials, changes in elevation inside and out, exterior design, walls, and interior design can all be altered to create this look.
  • The mid-century modern design has simple contemporary elements, so taking an older home and renovating it is a viable option, as is designing a new home from the ground up. 
  • The proportions of the home are kept lower, allowing nature to be viewed from all rooms, and daylight to be let in. The front of the home will be more private than other areas of the home.
  • Outdoor living is an integral part of the design, giving you a much-loved area of your home.

Trends are just that-trends, but these three are timeless, contemporary, and will be here for a long while. Our designers would be honored to work with you to design the home you have been thinking about.