Our Process

Our design process is simple: your vision is our inspiration.

1. rds_initial-meeting150.png

Initial Meeting
Our initial meeting is an opportunity for you to get to know our team and for us to begin to understand your design goals. Whether at your home (renovation) or in our offices it is always helpful if you have your site or lot information available and have a link you can share to your inspiration photos on Houzz or Pinterest.

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Design and Budget Goals
This first step for each project begins by meeting with you and listening carefully to your needs and desires for your home. We ask a lot of questions and use this information we gather to compose a “Design Program” which details your design and budget goals. We study your site and consider views, sun angles and home placement. Research into zoning and design approval requirements is also undertaken as part of this phase.

3. rds_conceptual-design150.png

Conceptual Design
Tracing paper and markers are used to sketch ideas to explore directions for further design refinement. This hand sketching method allows us to generate multiple ideas quickly and efficiently. The goal is to get some ideas on paper so you can begin to visualize the design, your input and feedback at this stage is critical. Refinement of these first sketches creates a conceptual design that allows your builder to put together some initial cost numbers. This ensures your project starts and stays within your budget.

4. rds_design-development150.png

Design Development
When you determine that you’re comfortable with the design and the probable construction costs, we begin the development and refinement of the conceptual design on the computer. Each area of the design is carefully considered for further development, from the exterior materials and details to the interior textures and finishes. 

Drawings at this phase will include foundation and floor plans, all exterior elevational views and an initial electrical and lighting plan for your review

Additional work that can be commissioned at this phase includes 3D perspectives and computer modeling of specific interior spaces, exterior views of the home or all the above!

5. rds_construction-docs150.png

Construction Documents
During the construction document phase, the plans have all the details and sections completed to ensure an accurate level of documentation for permit application and construction. This includes our coordination with structural engineering along with mechanical, landscape and interiors professionals as needed.

6. rds_construction-observation150.png

Construction and Observation
This phase occurs after the drawings are complete and construction has started. Since we regard this entire process as a collaborative team effort we offer varying ranges of continued involvement. At a minimum we want to ensure that what we’ve designed is clearly understood so we are always available to meet on site and assist in the process.