Updating the Lower Level

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Our clients came to us with a problem many home owners face – how to make a lower level space updated and contemporary. They had several issues we had to address and we were able to create effective, yet contemporary changes to make this an incredible space.


  • Turn the stairs into a straight run
  • Add a wine cellar as a visual part of the room
  • Add a large bar and entertainment area that flows to the outdoor living area
  • Create a full theatre room 
  • Embrace a contemporary aesthetic

Highlights of Our Design:

  • Relocated several plumbing lines and a water heater
  • Reframed the stairs and new trim, flooring, and finishes
  • Installed a replacement door system for better operation and weather sealing
  • Removed the existing stair landing and replaces with a straight run built with glass treads illuminated from beneath
  • Wine cellar is a series of commercial glass doors allowing a view of the entire collection 
  • Large island was wrapped in a waterfall of marble in a bold green and black 

The builder for this contemporary space was Charlie Griffey of Griffey Remodeling.

Our designers at RDS can work with you to renovate or remodel any room in your home to make it whatever you dream it should be. Let’s get the conversation started and the project underway!