What Our Clients Have to Say - Cassidy

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At RDS, we believe that designing a home is one of the most satisfying parts of our work. We love building relationships with our clients and working with them to bring their dreams to reality. We want you to get an idea of what our clients think of their experience working with us. 

Name: Kris Cassady

How was your experience with RDS – Residential Designed Solutions?
We were remodeling our old 1800’s brick home and the foundation collapsed. I was not confident in staying with the architect that has done our original plans and needed a new architect quickly. We were homeless in a matter of minutes. 

I found Jim with RDs after some online research. I looked him up on Houzz and loved his designs. I called, explained our situation, and Jim arrived at our home site the following morning with his engineer. 

We met and designed options to build onto what was left of our house at the time. (We were awaiting all of the reports from the various structural engineers so we could determine if we could actually build onto the remaining structure.) I was really excited about the design we’d come up with.

After the reports were in, we decided that we would be better off to tear down what was left of our old home and build a new one. 

We discussed our options with Jim. Unfortunately, we were not in a position to do a complete custom design as my builder either needed to get started or put us on for the following year. I wanted to go home, so I needed plans fast!

Jim was going to send me a couple of plans that he had from The Plan Drawer, their sister company that sells stock plans. I was wrapped up in insurance stuff and kept checking my email but never received anything. So in a frantic state of mind, I ordered plans online instead of calling Jim. Then after talking to my builder about those online plans, I ordered a second set. At the 2 week mark (from talking to Jim), I emailed Jim early on a Sunday morning. He responded right away. Jim had no idea that I did not receive the plans that he had sent. Jim was able to get me the plans that same Sunday. 

THANK GOODNESS!! Both plans were amazing and now we had to make a decision that we would live with for the rest of our lives. 

What space(s) did you have redesigned, (if applicable) or did you have a new home designed?
We had a new home designed. Jim will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

What is the favorite aspect of your new home design?
I love every single thing about our home design. 

If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I made a change to the 2-story fireplace on the back wall and placed windows and a patio door there instead. I want the fireplace (and I will more than likely have my builder back to put it in). 

What was your overall experience like?
Nothing short of amazing! With all of our chaos, we ended up with one minor mistake on our plans, which was a small window in a bedroom upstairs. The plans showed it as normal size like the rest of the windows, but we didn’t accommodate for the small roof over the eat-in dining. 

None of us caught the error. Not myself, not Jim, not even my builder. It was found the day my builder was roughing in the windows. 

When I called Jim to discuss, he offered to pay for the window, taking ownership of the error. We kindly declined. 

What advice would you offer to someone who is designing a home or redesigning a space in the home?
First and foremost, do your homework like I state below, and go with your first choice!

Go to open houses, model homes, and visit websites. Really think about how you live and use your space. Don’t build something because it is popular or trending right now, as your love for something will more than likely change when a new trend comes around. I am not a trendy girl, thank goodness. Make sure you are practical when making decisions and know your local codes. Pinterest is big for some people and I used it for some ideas, which was great. I saw a picture of a master bath with this beautiful small chandelier over the tub. When I discussed this with my builder, most codes do not allow a light fixture over the bathtub. (Makes sense now that I know.) But you can put one right where it clears the tub. 

Who else did you reach out to for designing your home?
No one. I did everything else myself. I’ve never considered myself a decorator or designer at all but I have received a ton of compliments from people who have visited our home. People always ask who designed my interior and I just smile and say ME! 

Would you do it again?
Funny that you ask! I would prefer not to do it again under the rare circumstance of our house collapsing. But, Jim came to our rescue with an already busy schedule. My builder is local in our community and has been building for 35-40 years. He is a tough cookie and likes details. He usually picks architects apart as he likes the plans a certain way. Well, my builder really liked Jim and had no complaints about his plans. When my builder did have a few questions, he was able to call Jim and discuss them right away. Amazing teamwork! If we were looking to move and build again, I would probably build the other design that Jim sent me that I didn’t choose as I know it would be beautiful as well. I would use Jim and have recommended RDS many times since my experience. 

We are so happy that Kris is happy with her new home after going through so much. Let our designers help you make your dreams a reality. We’d be honored to work with you!