The Demo and Remodeling of a Kitchen Part 2

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The kitchen remodel is well underway in our clients’ home. If you remember, in our last blog, we were all about the demo of the kitchen. Now the fun work begins!

What has been going on in this home and what could you expect in your kitchen remodel?

This is the second blog in our Kitchen Demo/Remodel series. Our clients began with a kitchen remodel and we’re filling you in on what decisions they’ve made in this project that involves not only the kitchen but the family room, stairway, and floors. 

  • Our clients have some important design decisions to make. Where the new work begins and the old house ends is always a tricky one. Are you just going to paint the kitchen or will this new paint color work its way through the whole first floor? Does the stairwell to the second floor get the new paint color? And what about flooring? Is it going to be all new throughout the first floor or just in the kitchen? Our clients decided that the kitchen remodel wasn’t going to be the only part of the first floor to be remodeled…the living room and rest of the first floor is now being remodeled, as well as the stairs and railings leading to the second floor. You know the saying, “One thing leads to another!”
  • Under cabinet lighting is important to our clients. This lighting allows illumination of the prep spaces and will show off the soon to be installed gorgeous countertops. Imagine the glow of the under cabinet lighting when you don’t want other lighting turned on!
  • When installing cabinets, it’s critical to leave space above the cabinets for crown molding placement, which will cover the ductwork, electrical lines, and plumbing lines. You don’t want to get all of the cabinets up and realize that no room was left for molding installation. This is just one of the many detail decisions we have to think about and share with our clients when designing a kitchen.
  • Once the cabinets have been set, it will be time to install the countertops. The true vision of the kitchen will be apparent soon!
  • The cabinets themselves have been shimmed up, allowing the extra space needed for the installation of the new flooring. Again, not thinking this piece through beforehand could be disastrous on the day of the floor install. 
  • Our contractor, Dave Osmond Builders, working with the client, had the foresight to install outlets (required by code) high on the backs of some of the cabinets so as not to interfere with the cohesive look of the decorative backs of the cabinets.
  • What details will you add? Our clients, after seeing the upper peninsula cabinets, decided to install one of a kind seeded glass doors on both sides to let natural light and the kitchen light shine through. This creates warmth, natural and ambient light…and a little drama! We can’t wait to see the cabinets finished.
  • Along with the kitchen, the remodel of the family room is underway. The existing built-ins have been updates, giving a much-needed facelift to the room.

No matter what, a remodel is an incredible journey! When you work with our designers at RDS, we promise to understand your vision, help you create the special details you want to incorporate, and guide you through the process. 

To see more of this journey, watch our Front Porch Friday Video…Front Porch Friday Kitchen Demo/Remodel Part 2.